who am I?

mama. advocate. teaching obsessed. AAC fanatic. lover of preschool, play, and pretty planners. weird sometimes. wanna be writer, sometimes, when there is enough time and hot chocolate and spoons to deal with the world.


i live at this unique intersection of neurodivergence that few get to experience in their lives. diagnosed autistic as an adult, i need to rock and move and sit in specific positions, to learn everything — and i mean, everything — about the things that interest me, to text instead of talk… and small talk? meaningless. i grew up before we understood anything other than “different is bad”, though lucky enough to live in a family where my quirkiness was just an accepted part of me. my kids are neurodivergent, beautiful, brilliant, bold. and my students? rock stars.

what’s a teaching unicorn?

exceptional. messy. imperfect.

because, really, it comes down to this: someone who is willing to look at what they are doing, and try a different way. someone who is willing to hear the voices of their students, their families, and ask — how can we serve better? special ed especially hasn’t always done what it should, what it could, what it ought to… being a teaching unicorn means accepting that, not denying it, and then doing better.

the credentials

credentials don’t always mean much; the best support staff in my classroom have always had far more heart than CEUs. but in case it matters — master’s in education, post-master’s graduate school work (like, a lot of it). internships & fellowships. attended so many conferences and webinars and trainings because geek = understatement of the year. have not yet presented outside of local area due to my own family’s needs, but hope to change that one day.

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